We just introduced the 3rd iteration of the Mike Jones X RDS collaboration.  The "Pack Axe" is unique and handmade with a blade made from high-carbon steel and a handle made from reclaimed skateboard. Mike Jones has previously collaborated with Red Dragon with the Mike Jones X RDS Knife, and the Mike Jones X RDS Bushfucker.

 "I’m super excited about working with these guys, and it’s super weird seeing my current passion integrate with one of my wasted youth!"

Mike Jones is a full-time knife maker and blade smith based in central British Columbia. He built his first knife in 2013 and his interest developed quickly, transcending pastime or hobby, straight into obsession - even leaving his job to pursue his new passion.   

“If you’re having trouble getting too much sleep, I recommend quitting your job as the single breadwinner of your family and taking on a hobby that you do in your shed full-time for your family,” 

His self-built shipping container workshop are filled with antlers, various types of wood, and of course, old skateboards.

"The quest for improvement is gruelling and endless, but is occasionally graced by a brief pause of quiet pride."

It is for these moments that this journey endures.

IG @mikejonesknifeandtool



Anthony Chang