Red Dragon (RDS) is and has always been committed to supporting Canadian skaters past, present, and future.  Skateboarding has given a lot to us so in turn, we want to continue to give back to the skate community.   

Recently, OG Red Dragon and co-founder, Rob "Sluggo" Boyce attended the Seylynn Bowl Contest on Canada Day and gave away a truck load of RDS completes to local kids and families.  We were inspired, and decided we wanted to keep this going for those who want to get into skateboarding but are finding it hard to make happen financially.


Hence, for every RDS Skate Complete you purchase, Red Dragon will give away a complete to someone in Canada that wants to start skateboarding but who’s family can’t afford this extra expense. 

We've been shipping them across Canada so look for an event near you soon!

Thanks for your support! 

@thereddragons #reddragons